About HM Botanical

Living with fibromyalgia for over 20 years encouraged me to make the products found on this website.  Starting with my HEALME MIRACLE oils, without this oil my quality of life would have been non-existent. With daily use, I was able to go about my day free of body pains and headaches.  In addition to my chronic fibromyalgia pains, I was also afflicted with acne prone skin and excessive skin discoloration, probably from many years of taking prescription medications.

I have been Living with fibromyalgia for over 20 years and when the Doctors left me hopeless, I started to explore other options. These options led me back to my roots, living on that mountainside with my granny Ruth, and I remember her telling us that everything on earth that God created has a purpose which is Good.  We might not always see the good in all things, but they have a purpose.

Living with my grandmother, was an amazing and enriching experience. I learned so much from her. She was a woman of great character, spirit, integrity, humility and most of all she loved God and his people.  I remember, whenever, anyone was sick she would quickly harvest different types of herbs and made medicines. Sickness from, chicken pox, common cold, the flu, fever, rashes, sore throat, headache, sprain ankle, stomachache, diarrhea, bruises, wounds, constipation, intestinal detox and much more.  I would always help her to make these home remedies that worked magic for us and many people in our community. See, we did not have a local hospital or any doctor’s offices in our community, so my grandmother and other seniors in the community took care of the residents’ medical needs, from minor ailments to life threatening ones.

Desperate to help myself, God has blessed me to help others. He brought me back to my childhood and remember the simplicity of living and nurturing our ailments—pour into my heart and started me on my journey of blending oils that I naturally extracted, perfectly blended which is now called HEALME MIRACLE oils. This oil has helped me to reclaim my independence over the years, free from pain, and prescription drugs that was leaving me incapacitated most days.

Birthing from my research of plants and their benefits, I was able to learn the unique process of naturally extracting the oils and pure benefits from these plants without chemicals, hence came my soaps.  The soaps that have left my 15-year old nephew refusing to use anything else, because it has completely eradiated his acnes and unexplained skin rashes he suffered with for years.  I started making soaps just for my family and friends, but the results and responses have been amazing, so I decided to share my products with people who are looking for all natural products that are healthy and could results in some wonderful benefits.

I have perfected soaps that addresses a variety of skin issues for many and I would love for you to give my product a try to see if it works for you.  This is not a guarantee that it will work for everyone, but it works for most people who have tried it and use it accordingly.

Study the ingredients my friends. ALL made by my hands, in the USA, ALL natural, in a careful, clean and sanitized environment. Our soap can help improve the health of your skin, it exfoliates, it deep cleans, it disinfects, and will leave your skin feeling soft and amazing.  My oils could improve the health of your skin and alleviate pain and discomfort of the skin, joints, bones and anywhere you apply it on your body.  DON’T take my word for it, I challenge You to do your research. My ingredients are perfectly blended, tested and work harmoniously to give you best in class quality soaps and oils in its purest forms.