Healme Miracle Organic Blend Oils

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HealMe MIRACLE is made with several organic essential oils carefully blended with just the right combinations of oils to provide effective healing and benefits. HealMe Organic Essential Oils are known to aid healing of skin conditions and relief from various aches and pains. It makes an excellent massage or aromatherapy oil for at home use and for your clients. Trust me, your Customers will return because their body will feel new. This oil helps to relief aches, pains and skin conditions i.e. (headache, shoulders, back, knee, any pain in the body that you can rub the oil into it will give a noticeable relief within minutes. It is excellent for cuts, scrapes, sores, bites, stings, scalp conditions, dermatitis, psoriasis, hives,  eczema and  relief pains such as boils, cyst, ingrown hair, etc. Get the relief that your body deserve. Give this product a try and share your testimony.

Directions: Apply topically to affected area as needed. Massage very well into skin.

Do not use on open wounds or internally. For Topical Use Only.

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Additional information

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